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HR Outsourcing in Moldova, Eastern Europe

Employer of Record

What does «Mantis» do?

It assumes responsibility for all the activities related to staff records and human resources management

What do You do?

You focus strictly on your primary business activity

How much does cost the service?

The service cost is made up of the employees’ salaries, financial and administrative expenses, and our commission
of the total amount of personnel related expenditures

You should choose «Mantis», if:

Your company is not registered legally in Moldova, and you want to have a local representative
You are looking for a reliable long-term partner in Eastern Europe
You need more flexibility in your working relations

You should choose Outstaffing because in this way You will be able to:

Considerably free up the HR department
Free up a big accounting section
Reduce costs


Situations in which hiring the leasing.mantis services is your best option:
- The lack of in-house expertise or insufficient in-house expertise, which could mean the absence of an internal department, specialized in payroll, or the lack of adequate resources in the department;
- The need to raise profit by reducing costs while «Mantis» offers solutions both on an individual level and on a global scale by making use of the latest amenities to increase performance, handle errors and improve the management process. In addition, externalization eliminates the need to invest in human resources management information systems or in annual additional expenditures for license update;
- The need to improve risk control; frequent introduction of amendments to employment legislation and remuneration regulations, as well as the lack of flexibility may lead to misinterpretation and delays, fraught with penalties. The legislation provides for various liabilities on data persistence in secure conditions, and these liabilities require significant investments. Externalization or Outsourcing allows eliminating these risks and the associated administrative costs.


Fully-fledged and careful calculation of remuneration for all employees of the client company via Outstaffing:
- Payroll accounting and calculation of net amounts due and payable to each employee, calculation of fees and contributions due and payable by employee and employer;
- Keeping and updating the payroll database;
- Preparation of periodic reports.


Externalization of personnel management provides the following benefits:
- providing fully-fledged payroll services in an accurate and timely manner;
- releasing from the burden related to the management of payroll accounting and the implementation of individual employment agreements;
- absolute confidentiality of remuneration records and employee information;
- flexible attitude towards customer insights;
- reducing risks and ensuring proper implementation of amendments to employment legislation;
- time and cost saving, human performance improvement.

Employment agreement related services

- Preparing labor contracts;
- Keeping and updating the personal details database of the employees;
- Completing and updating registers with all information required by the current legislation;
- Issuing certificates for employees in response to requests for information about wages, status, and labor contracts;
- Preparation of documents regarding any changes in employee's status and remuneration;
- Monitoring vacations and other non-working periods.


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